Mini Excavators


Don't Let the Small Size Fool You

Mini diggers are possibly the coolest diggers they are nimble, flexible, portable and can move a lot of dirt!

Something for Every Job

Mini diggers have the greatest variety of use cases and configurations. There is one for nearly every job. Sizes range up to around 25K pounds, and down to pretty mini!

Bobcat Models

No name comes to mind for mini diggers faster than Bobcat. Nothing stops a kid or an adult on the street faster than a Bobcat doing its thing. Bobcat models are here:

Caterpillar Models

Cat has a wide range mini models.  You can see Cat models here:

Deere Models

Deere calls their minis "compact" excavators - but don't let the name change throw you off - these minis are right in the hunt with the best of the mini diggers. You can see Deere mini diggers here:

Komatsu Models

Komatsu calls their minis "small" excavators - and their models tend to lean toward the larger size - but these major minis are worth a look.  You can see Komatsu models here:

Hitachi Models

Hitachi is big on mini diggers.  The Zaxis (ZX) line is deep in capabilities and configurations. You can see Hitachi models here:

Doosan Models

Doosan has a solid showing in the mini digger category. With numerous configurations and a range of sizes. You can see Doosan models here: