Mid-Sized Excavators


Mid-Sized But Getting it Done

The mid-sized excavator category get the job done, while staying in a highly mobile size range.  Featuring both track and wheel excavators.

Big Range of Sizes and Styles

Mid-sized excavators fall between the mini and the large - and can be called "medium" or in some cases "small." Sizes range from around 25K pounds to around 100K pounds.

Caterpillar Models

Cat is one of the brands the breaks it's mid-sized digger line into two categories, medium and small.

Medium models can be found here: https://www.cat.com/en_US/products/new/equipment/excavators/medium-excavators.html

Small models can be found here:


Deere Models

Deere digs a little deeper on their mid-sized cateogry, going down into the 16K pounds - but clearly this is the meat of their lineup!  Deere models can be found here:  https://www.deere.com/en/excavators/mid-size-excavators/

Komatsu Models

Komatsu has a range of mid-sized diggers from 25K pounds to 70K pounds. You can see there models here: https://www.komatsuamerica.com/equipment/excavators/mid-size

Hitachi Models

Hitachi has a big range in the mid-sized category. You can see hitachi mid-sized diggers here: https://www.hitachicm.eu/machinery/excavators/medium-excavators/

Doosan Models

In the mid-sized category we start to see wheel excavators. These diggers show versatility and mobility!  Doosan wheeled diggers can be seen here:  https://na.doosanequipment.com/en/construction-equipment/wheel-excavators