Large Excavators


Big Diggers for the Big Jobs

Many of the major brands offer large excavator models. Notable brands are Caterpillar, Deere,  Hitachi and Komatsu

Big Range of Sizes

These big machines can reach into the hundreds of thousands of pounds. But for the most part the large excavator category tops out in the 200K-300K pounds range.

Caterpillar Models

Cat focuses on the meat of the large excavator market with diggers ranging from around 80K pounds up to  its 390F model - weighing in at 200K pounds. You can see Cat models here: 

Deere Models

John Deere offers three large excavator models ranging from around 100K pounds to just under 200K pounds, you can see the Deere models here: 

Komatsu Models

Komatsu has a wide range of large excavator models ranging from the high 70K pounds in weight up to nearly 300K pounds.  You can see Komatsu models here:  

Hitachi Models

Hitachi doubles up on its mining excavators and includes them in their large excavators so the range here is huge - but if we remove the miners from these giant diggers we see a  more typical range for their large excavators (with the biggest model being the ZX890LCH-6 at around 200K pounds). You can see the Hitachi models here: