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Sideswipe: April 21: Seagull Under Siege
... parody of the 'sex tips to please men' genre of listicle writing ... (Animated but maybe best ... - Cached12
Mike's Blog Round Up
Round Up Good morning Crooks and Liars! I'm writing this post on Sunday, so who knows by ... Again. We Hunted the Mammoth gives us a listicle of the Nazi-est moments from the now ... can follow Tengrain on the Twitters, too. Send tips, requests, and suggestions to (with For MBRU ... - Cached
Accounting News Roundup: Loophole Hunting, The Worst Job in Tech, The Accountant = Batman?
... year-end listicle, and Open Items stands ready for your questions. Drop us tips and links ... putting plants in the sun to grow or writing "Happy birthday" on a cake you didn't bake ... and Houston. See something we missed? Have a tip, correction, comment, or complaint? Email us at [email ... - Cached4
Was AOL Reporter Tommy Christopher Sacked For Criticizing Misogynist Playboy Piece?
Playboy had published a sociopathic, hateful, and unfunny listicle by Guy Cimbalo, listing the ten conservative women ... the fact that in his two years of writing for the site not one other post had ... the end of the year. As of this writing, the precise rationale behind Christopher's firing is not ... - Cached14
Lena Dunham faces criticism over article comparing Jewish men and dogs
... identifies as half-Jewish, perpetuates antisemitic stereotypes in listicle-format New Yorker column Girls creator and author ... dogs. "Dog or Jewish Boyfriend? A Quiz", a listicle-style article published online in the New Yorker ... Sunday morning"), with others, such as "he doesn't tip" and "he doesn't bring his wallet anywhere", she ... - Cached3
<i>Politico</i> Finally Gets To The Bottom Of Listicles, With Listicle
Finally Gets To The Bottom Of Listicles, With Listicle Listicles! Journalists love listicles the way the President ... terrifying level over on Clicklitico by, essentially, composing a listicle of listicles. Gaze upon his works and ... reality at all. Dave Weigel calls this Clicklitico Listicle Of Listicles "the most meta article of all ... - Cached5
Raise Less Corn, More Hell! Your BEST Mother's Day Tradition!
Twitter Here is your fifth or twentieth annual listicle of Mi Mamacita Communista, or Things My Mother ... was! * Read Eda LeShan, and take her childrearing tips to heart. Forgive yourself if you snap and ... the Flag Means to Him, and you are writing it for him just like she told you ... - Cached19
This Is Your Brain On Buzzfeed
... list-based hysteria in 1993. DeLillo's statement also hints at something crucial about the list as a ... order's impossibility. The list--or, more specifically, the listicle--extends a promise of the definitive while necessarily ... of attention affected the way he composes a piece of writing: "Lately, I note, most of the ... - Cached6
Clickbait Has a New Address
... fact directs to a listicle with the far more servicey headline, "16 Tips to Keep Your Pets ... Ms. Pratt has morphed that practice into URL writing. "We like our headlines to read the way ... - Cached24
Fresh Tools of the Week [24th May
... so, soon we will be publishing the monthly listicle of the same. Won't keep you waiting for ... We send out our email newsletter with useful tips, trends, resources, freebies and inspiration daily. Get free ... of blogging since last four years. He loves writing about latest advancements related to Android, Design and ... - Cached13
How To Write The Perfect Listicle
How To Write The Perfect Listicle People drop things on the Internet and run ... secret-agent credentials, along with my very first listicle. -- Cooper Fleishman (@_Cooper) March 23, 2014 Cooper ... been emailing me photos of all this childhood writing I had no idea they saved. So far ... - Cached7
The Best Sex Advice I Never Got
Tips" are as fun, raunchy and useful as ever. Marie Claire has eight tips for being the "Best He's Ever Had." Even Buzzfeed schools us with their best sex tips ... in the cloud as my favorite sex advice listicle: "5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Take Sex Advice ... spare time, she is pursuing an MFA in Writing from the University of San Francisco ... - Cached18
Is too much choice slowly killing craft beer?
I'm immune to the lure of the beer listicle -- the list-form article that groups beers together ... of choices to pull from -- beer's shrinking base hints at a more-educated but less self-assured ... a freelance writer based in Portland, Ore. His writing has appeared in The New York Times, The ... - Cached30
Review: 'Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life' Revives a Snow Globe Town
... the danger, with cultural nostalgia, that sweetness can tip over into something uncanny and eerie. There's a ... after six seasons (along with her husband and writing partner, Daniel Palladino) in a contract dispute. "Gilmore ... entire mini-series is a "Wanna Feel Old?" listicle.) This is a time-conscious story, down to ... - Cached21
Bon Appétit's Restaurant Issue Has All Kinds of SF Love
... snagging a very impressive slot on Andrew Knowlton's listicle of top-10 tables in the U.S.--which ... Issue pours a good deal of ink into writing about Bay Area chefs and restaurants. In the ... list of chefs tapped to pass on helpful tips to home chefs. Tusk suggests labeling drawers so ... - Cached22
Ten Things That Did Not Suck About The Media In 2009
... make a Listicle About Listicles, or you do one better and make a Listicle of The ... it the honest way. Stewart and his crackerjack writing and research team were the brains behind two ... on Twitter? Because why not? Also, please send tips to -- learn more about our media monitoring ... - Cached26
Hung Justice: The 15 Most Well-Endowed Superheroes
... your cosplay down to the precise inch or writing an adult rendition of Secret Wars. We're not ... sunk to in order to bring you this listicle about Giant-Sized Man-Things? We gazed into ... right. You're welcome. This is a super-serious listicle -- our magnum opus of magnum dongs -- with important ... - Cached32
Raise Less Corn, More Hell! Everything You Need To Know For May Day
Twitter Here is your fifth or twentieth annual listicle of Mi Mamacita Communista, or Things My Mother ... was! * Read Eda LeShan, and take her childrearing tips to heart. Forgive yourself if you snap and ... the Flag Means to Him, and you are writing it for him just like she told you ... - Cached36
The 7 Keys to List Posts that Are Worth Writing (and Reading) - Copyblogger
7 Keys to List Posts that Are Worth Writing (and Reading) A lot of smart writers can't ... as a numbered list post, or a (shudder) listicle, and it's a post whose headline features a ... booster, but it's not a substitute for strong writing, solid content strategy, or effective promotion. And that ... - Cached11
Step up your note-taking game with these easy to use apps
... shares Welcome to TNW Basics, a collection of tips, guides, and advice on how to easily get ... for inspiration to arrive - I promise! Evernote No listicle about note-taking apps would be complete without ... least, Ulysses claims to provide "a pleasant, focused writing experience combined with effective document management," and it ... - Cached
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